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Design and manufacture

Stitch -Mi- Lane Ltd

Est 2013

Cycle inspired apparel Made in the UK


"I am a designer with a love for the outdoors, brought up in a family where cycling took the place of religion. With Sunday mornings spent on a climb and pilgrimages to the French Alps - cycling has a firm place in my heart. As such my designs are inspired by cycling culture, the landscape, and the fascinating folk that inhabit it.


Stitch-Mi-Lane products are produced in the heart of Scotland, where I now live. I beleive it is important to buy British products and keep enthusiasm in home grown design and manufacture. The range uses contemporary pattens whilst utilising high quality materials, resulting in wholesome and original textiles.


The company name is taken from a road in Lancashire off which my parents live. I set up the company while living there a couple of years ago. My mother is a talented textile designer, and my father is a cycling fanatic - it is true what they say, the apple never falls far from the tree. I am involved at all stages of design and production of the Stitch -Mi- Lane range, it would be fair to say this little business is my hobby that one day got wildly out of hand."

Meet the Maker:Stephanie Drake

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